North Coast Aviation can do it...

- With over 15 years of PNG flying experience North Coast can get you where you want to go, when you want to go. With our trained professional staff and proven fleet of aircraft we can cater to all your charter needs. Rugged mountain strips to busy coastal ports, our diverse network of agents and crew will be with you every step of the way.

Why charter??

By chartering aircraft you are no longer bound by when and where the airlines want to go... or limited by what you can take. Chartered aircraft will leave on your time and under your circumstances, delivering you and/or your cargo to your destination to your schedule with minimal fuss.

What do we cover??

North Coast have experience right throughout PNG, specialising but not limited to the bush.

We can cover;

Awkward loads, Remote location work, Medical evacuations, Government work, Telecommunications, Search and Rescue, Surveys, Tours, Crew changes, Mining, Equipment, V.I.P, Bank running, Logistics support, Forestry support, and of course general passenger and freight charters.

And we carry;

Coffee, Building supplies, Mining supplies, Aid, Food, Emergency equipment, and all other general needs and supplies.

Who Charters??


Government, Mines, Construction, Schools, Missionaries, Police, Doctors and Nurses and many more.

maybe even you!

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