North Coast Aviation would like to hear from prospective applicants for:

- Flight crew

North Coast Aviation presently operate a PAC750XL, C402, and BN2's.  Insurance requirements are 1000 hours TT, plus 50 hours in PNG and 50 hours on type. Applicants nearing these requirements please complete an application form at the bottom of this page.

Overall packages include accomodation, utilities, after hours use of a company vehicle as well as two return airfares to Brisbane per year.

Due to an initial 50 hours of training undertaken by every new pilot and the bureaucratic red tape involved in obtaining work visas and permits, we expect all pilots to stay for 24 months. During this time pilots generally log 1500 hours in a combination of twin piston and turbine aircraft. As well as acquiring a PNG instrument rating.

At the end of employment further opportunities exist with other operators where local experience is highly sort after, as well as being highly respected amongst the aviation community world wide.

North Coast Aviation generally seek's to employ single male's for its pilot roles due to the security issues which do exist throughout PNG.

So if you like a challenge and would like to see what real flying is all about, or even if you just see bush work as a stepping stone to something bigger, better and perhaps more boring then this could be for you.

If still interested please fill out an application form


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